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The Poker room "right" product for on-line poker operators! The business with no "frontiers"

Professional Poker is a virtual games room, with on-line poker, for operators offering games on-line.

What makes Professional Poker unique is its “user-friendly" game screen, for inexperienced players.
The commands in the supervision and administration panels are extremely “intuitive”, and have been designed, in particular, for operators who are new to the game.

The possibilities to customize the game in the type of bets, choice of tables and graphic style are based on statistics concerning players’ preferences and are regularly up-dated.

With the Professional Poker easy to use and intuitive management panel, you can organize different types of tournaments.

The Professional Poker software allows the owner to organize tournaments, bonuses and premium points which help to keep players “loyal”.

In certain countries, to be a Poker operator, it is necessary to have a games’ license from the relative authorities.
Please check the legal requirements before asking to use this software.
In alternative to Professional Poker you can choose one of our other game products.

The right circuit of players

For appropriate and productive handling of the activity, you need, as well as the other features already mentioned for Professional Casino, the following:

Amigotechs will help to to find the best operational tools.

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