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Our software allows the complete administration and management of your business on-line, in real time and with the assurance that nobody can tamper with it.

Whether you are in the same building as the server or on the other side of the world, you have full access to the administration system of your games room directly on-line.

The management module allows you to supervise and check the games, cash flow or games statistics from any computer that is connected to the internet. Access in real time is easy, thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive information and administration system.

It is possible for you to check the casino with your laptop in real time and view the details and specific activity of the players. This includes the cards played and the amount of the bets placed, all game by game. You can also access your "casino profits" for each individual game or for the entire casino. All you have to do is “access” the administration panel with your  "user ID and password".

The owner can also check on the staff members who have authorized access to certain management modules. Limited management access can be provided to the staff with various levels of permissions, passwords and user ID. An additional feature to the administration panel allows you to organize "Promotional Bonuses and Tournaments" for your players. Any bonus money or tournament prize sums can be sent immediately to your players account, providing they meet all the requirements of the bonus or prize.

Details of the players’ deposits, withdrawals and the “history” of the games played by the players is available all the time. Also available in real time are the statistics concerning the most popular games, the amounts played for each individual game and the casino winnings.

Moreover, from the administration panel and anti-fraud control, you can see in real time the statistics of the player including the "IP address" used for each game session, the bet amount and the duration of the game.

By choosing Amigotechs you may request the personalization of the games, with choices of colors for the tables, playing cards, backgrounds and the music you think is most suitable for your website. Your players may also decide which personalizing functions to use by choosing the sound volume, size of the game window and the speed at which the game plays.

Each game is planned so that the players are able to log on and play immediately. No downloading of games is required! After logging in, the player is presented with a wide range of games to choose from. All the games can be customized, thus making your casino stand out by being both competitive and unique. This will make it easier for you to acquire new players while making sure that the players you already have remain ‘faithful’.

Right from the start, we anticipated the market by creating versions of our games in "Flash, no-download" technology.

The evolution of "Flash" technology makes it possible to create more and more realistic games that are easy to use, fast and intuitive. This technology has enabled us to make our software non downloadable and therefore highly protected and functional.

In fact, our main aim is to design protection and safety, as much as possible, into our games. This safety can be offered exclusively to your players through your casino.

For this reason we create platforms with easy to follow, versatile games which can be integrated easily and adapted to specific website requirements. This is especially true when it’s a question of the players’ ability to access funds in both the casino and other gaming platforms.


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A lawful, brilliant business


The only lawful poker room
for private clubs
A 100% legal business


The “intuitive” betting-room
for pubs, betting-agencies
and game-rooms!
To be “a house” gets easy


Shopping is a game
The e-commerce which
will revolutionize everything.


The poker room for the
online poker operators
Business without “borders”


The professional betting-room
for the online-gaming operators


Gaming becomes business


The novelty in casino tournaments

All the best solutions
to let your business grow!

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