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The "intuitive" casino for organizations of traditional
and on-line game play

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Professional Casino is the on-line casino created for organizations of traditional and on-line game play. It can work autonomously, or can be completely integrated into an already existing game website.

The innovative characteristic that makes the Professional Casino games room exclusive is:

  • the "user friendly" game screen for inexperienced players
  • the "intuitive" commands in the supervision and administration panels for game operators who are starting from scratch.

The Professional Casino games room is accessible to all internet users who register on the site via the web by opening a player account. Subsequent deposits into and the withdrawals from this account are operations reserved exclusively for any player who has previously registered. The chips needed to play in the Professional Casino games room can be purchased directly on the web site by credit card, pre-paid card or other alternate methods of payment as indicated on the home page of the game site.

All our game platforms have a simple intuitive administration system.


Before starting a gambling game activity with the Professional Casino software, verify that it is legal in the country where you intend to set up your base of operations. If you operate in a market where gambling is not permitted, choose one of our other game products.

Scope of the tools required

Professional Casino allows you to carry out an on-line casino activity independently and completely unrestricted.

For appropriate and productive handling of the activity, you need:

  • a multiple payment processor interface to integrate into the games room,
    the most well-known on-line payment systems for your customers
  • qualified staff able to offer assistance to the players
  • qualified anti-fraud staff
  • experts in internet marketing and advertising to attract players to the
  • staff specialized in the creation of bonuses and promotions to ensure
    player loyalty
  • a company with a base of operation in a country where the offer of
    gambling is legal
  • a current account, in the company’s name, in a certified institute of credit
    not subject to any restriction on bank operations connected to the
    offering of gambling

Amigotechs will assist you to find the best operational tools.

Alternatively, to run the on-line casino activity, you can choose to enter into a partnership with someone who already has a part of the operational structure. This will allow you to concentrate solely on developing and marketing to a group of players. We will introduce you to the best partners who speak your language, with whom you can develop your business. You may choose the partner with whom you have established the best relationship.

If you already have a group of potential players, you can enter the world of on-line game play quickly and easily with your own ready to go original product.


Software License Features

Website Domain
Games server software
Data base software
SSL Software (from client to server)
Casino Management software
Casino games in Flash (over 40 games)
Redundant DNS Servers
Load balancing for web server
Redundant  Server database
Server for Backup database
Server for bank transactions
Firewall Cisco pix 515
Redundant Switch
Unlimited Casino Email
Database maintenance
Development of new games and functions
Customization of the site Games available in multiple languages
Software updates
General advice
Assistance and intervention 24/7

A “well-protected” information system

The FLASH technology (no-download) used by the Professional Casino games room, allows access to all the games without having to download and install any software on the PC.
Once the computer is turned off all information regarding players’ activities and any other casino information will no longer exist. The player’s privacy is always protected.

In order to guarantee the security of the games and all the transactions, the Professional Casino games room is always situated on a remote server. The data is only accessible on pages protected by the latest web technology (data encryption with SSL system at 128 bit).

Obviously, to get the best performance from the Professional Casino games room, you need a reliable, high speed ADSL internet connection.

Quick start up

You can have Professional Casino and guarantee yourself 100% of the profits of your games room. All you have to do is sign a royalty agreement with Amigotechs and receive:

  • rights to use the software
  • a website to host the casino
  • maintenance of the website
  • regular updates of the software with new and exciting games

You will be fully functional and independent but you can also get help and assistance whenever you need it.
The Professional Casino games website can be all yours.


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