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Promotional Poker
The only legal Poker room for private circles! A 100% lawful business

Promotional Poker is a virtual gaming room, with on-line Poker games, for private circles. It can be customized: the client can choose the name and style of the games room.

The innovative characteristic which makes Promotional Poker the first real software for all markets where gambling is forbidden is that the winnings are (based on the owner’s choice) in the form of drinks vouchers, various services or virtual tokens which can be used to play other games.

Play in the Promotional Poker gaming room is of a promotional and commercial nature. Of course the club owner, if he offers the opportunity to play in a country where gambling is legal, can decide whether to convert the virtual tokens into real money.

The Promotional Poker game rooms’ secret to success is that the opponents are chosen randomly from the software. This ensures that each player has a correct and fair game.

With the Promotional Poker Gaming Room it is possible to create up to 50 privée with Poker tables (private rooms). These private rooms are completely separate and independent from an accounting and management point of view.

On the Promotional Poker management panel it is possible to establish:

  • type of prizes and how many prizes to set up;
  • which “privée” to activate;
  • which tables and tournaments to set up;
  • bet limits;

Only clients who frequent a club or bar that has the Club Poker Gaming Room may have access to the games by registering and opening a player account.
The depositing and withdrawing of tokens from the player’s virtual account and all activities concerning the token redemption for prizes, are strictly reserved for the owner of the club.

The virtual tokens, needed to play on Promotional Poker, can be purchased directly from the club owner without having to use a credit card or various electronic wallets.
The player is not asked for any personal information, and therefore remains anonymous.

All  you need, if you do not already have one, is a wide circle of players, so that you can make sure that your “poker players” can find opponents on-line at any time of day.

Amigotechs will help you to find the circuits with the highest number of players.

In certain countries, to be a Poker operator, it is necessary to have a games’ license from the relative authorities.
Please check the legal requirements before asking to use this software.
In alternative to Promotional Poker you can choose one of our other game products.

A spy-proof software information storage system

The FLASH technology (no download) used by the Promotional Poker Gaming Room allows all the players access without having to download and install any software on the PC.
Once the computer is turned off all information regarding players’activities and any other casino information will no longer exist.
The player’s privacy is always protected.

In order to guarantee the security of the games and all the transactions, the Promotional Poker Gaming Room is always situated on a remote server.  The data is only accessible on pages protected by the latest web technology (protective encryption at 128 bit).

Obviously in order to get the best performance from a Promotional Poker Gaming Room you need a reliable, high speed ADSL internet connection.

An exciting demo

You can have a 15-day free demo of the Promotional Poker website. This will allow you to:

  • fully appreciate the system’s efficiency and analyse the administration
    functions of the management and control panels;
  • discover how simple it is to use the many various functions:
  • know the games of each individual player, the games played and when;
  • measure the frequency of play, see where they come from;
  • see how easy it is to establish promotions, set bet limits, etc.;
  • try all the games available;

You can get free on-line assistance 24 hours a day during the demo.

Quick start up

If Club Poker is the ideal product for your players, you can continue to use it. All you have to do is sign a royalty agreement with Amigotechs and receive :

  • rights to use the software;
  • maintenance of the website;
  • free, regular updates of the software with new,
    exciting variations of Poker;

The earnings generated in your virtual games room will be 100% yours.

You will be fully functional and independent but you can also get help and assistance whenever you need it.
The Club Poker games website can be all yours.

>> Request a FREE DEMO NOW of the Promotional Poker Gaming Room <<




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